Self-Care Tips For When You’re At Rock Bottom

We all try to take care of ourselves on a daily basis; through eating, staying hydrated, brushing our teeth, showering, etc.. However, sometimes it gets too hard to do such simple tasks, especially when you’re going through a rough time -and that’s okay!

That said, it is still important to look after yourself, whether you’re thriving or surviving. Hence, here are some easier self-care alternatives that I personally try to do when I’m at my worst.

1. Eating & Staying Hydrated

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If you usually cook for yourself, then eating might be a tricky thing to do. So, instead of making food, you can order some on the phone or if that’s also burdensome, you can order online. Also, would be a bonus if you get something that you usually enjoy eating, it could help make you feel a teeny bit better.

As for drinking water, you can try to get a bottle -or bottles- of water next to wherever you’re sitting/lying down and set a reminder to drink every once in a while so that you don’t feel extra exhausted from dehydration.

2. Teeth Brushing

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This might be a silly thing to say but it is often onerous to brush your teeth on rough days, and having foul breath could make feel more disgusted with yourself -at least for me- so try to always have a pack of gum/mint nearby to help you feel more refreshed. Also, if you are capable of getting up, you can gurgle some mouthwash, it helps a lot.

3. Showering

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Taking a shower can be one of the most demanding things to do when you’re down the pits, that’s why dry shampoo, wet wipes and body sprays/perfumes are your best friend. They can help you smell nice until you’re able to take an actual shower.

Take It Easy


On top of the mentioned self-care routines, one more thing you can do is to watch something/listen to music or an audio book. These help tremendously; the very least they would do is distract and make you feel less alone during this ugly time, and believe me, you NEED that.


“This fad will pass, but self-care shouldn’t. Because self-care is really the same thing as mental health.” -Jayne Hardy


Remember, you are not alone in this, even if it often feels otherwise. If you can, reach out to a loved one, friend, or a family member, having support could make a huge difference. In addition to that, in case you don’t have someone you can pour your heart to or you just prefer not telling someone who knows you what’s going on, there are some online communities where you can safely vent to people who are willing to listen to you. (will leave some links down below)

Take it one step at a time, you’ve gotten through tough times before and trust me, you will survive this one as well.

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