Ahmed Ezz teams up with Karim Abd El-Aziz for ‘Kira Wel Gen,’ set to hit theatres next year


After weeks of stirring rumors and inconclusive news, producers at Synergy Films have finally confirmed today that Ahmed Ezz is to join forces with Karim Abd El-Aziz on a brand new project titled Kira Wel Gen, set to hit theaters next summer.

Based on the best-selling novel of Ahmed Mourad 1919, this film will mark the third cinematic adaptation of Mourad’s literary work, following The Blue Elephant and Diamond Dust, and it will also mark the fifth cinematic collaboration between director Marwan Hamed and Ahmed Mourad, whose feats have upped the antes in Egyptian cinema on the course of the past seven years.

Following the proceedings of the novel, the film is set to revive the era of the early twentieth century as it follows the fervid political revolts of the Egyptian citizenry as they protested against the domineering British commands between the years 1919 and 1924. Furthermore, the film is to shed light on the true stories of some not-so-renowned Egyptian heroes, who gave up their lives for their country, soughting liberation.

On a similar note, it was announced that The Blue Elephant franchise will be getting a third installment in the coming years, trailing the metaphysical ventures of Dr. Yehia Rashed. However, the release date of such project hasn’t been confirmed yet. It’s also worth mentioning that The Blue Elephant 2 have amassed around EGP 94 Million, and given that its theatrical run is still going strong, the grosses of this film are expected to attain record-breaking figures in the coming weeks.