The Museum Of Broken Relationships Is Putting Heart Fragments Into Mosaic

Getting over a brokenship is one of the toughest demands that we keep brutally forcing our hearts and minds to obey. Some of us welcome despair and agony like captives. The others commit emotional infanticide by feigning strength and perfectionism. Eventually, both ways won’t lessen the agony over every decision related to that relationship.

Since mementos and gifts are solid proofs of these once-believed-to-be-eternal bonds, our hearts crack at the sight of them. For dumpers, they erupt cardiac volcanoes with regretful lava tears. For dumpees, they treat them to a hating sauna of hard feelings.

Via Brokenships
Via Brokenships

While giving up on those souvenirs and keepsakes seems miles afar from you in this critical epoch, keeping them does not stand as a safe option either.

Thanks to the Croatian film producer Olinka Vištica and the sculptor Dražen Grubišić, The Museum of Broken Relationships came to a blissful and healthy solution to this dilemma.

Via Brokenships
Via Brokenships

After ending their relationship, their wise breakup took them to the conclusion of establishing the museum. “I wrote an essay called ‘The Museum of Broken Relationships.’ But it was just a metaphor at that point. It stayed in my drawer for two years, until Dražen persuaded me that this metaphorical place might actually be transformed into somewhere real,” said Olinka.

The museum concept was built upon the hypothesis of objects holding compact holograms of memories and emotions, and keeping secure remembrance. “It’s a metaphorical space to put things behind you but still leave a trace that this relationship existed, that it mattered to me,” explained Olinka.


That’s what the museum aims to preserve through its three sections.

  • The interactive opening-up section where visitors can record a confession in an intimate space.
  • The material remains section which includes donated postcards, photographs and letters; attached to each its story plus the date and location of the relationship.
  • The online web museum, which comes as the third and last part, enables uploading virtual donations.

You can donate by sending your item and your story to the museum in Zagreb or to the location of one of their soonest traveling exhibitions. If you’re not able to send it, you can submit your story to their official website. You are free to share it in your mother language.


With over 4, 000 objects, about 50 cities in tour and 2 branches- in L.A and Zagreb, this museum is a beautiful confirmation that however cruelly and deeply grief or sorrow can settle in one’s heart, it cannot linger forever. That emotional spirals get thinner and thinner on loners, but dare not attack companies and sharers. Heartbreaks are universal!