Israa Gharib: A Palestinian Young Woman who is Beaten to Death in the Name of Honor

#WeAreAllIsraa, a hashtag that has gone viral on social media after the announcement of Israa Gharib’s death. Israa is a 21-year-old Palestinian makeup artist from Bethlehem, who was beaten to death, by her own family members after she had posted a video of her and her fiancé to be on Snapchat; it was just a normal video showing that they were having fun, smiling, and enjoying their time. However, Israa’s cousin watched the video, sent it to her father, claiming that Israa’s behavior disgraced the family’s reputation; as the engagement was not official yet.


Israa was tortured and beaten, severely, by her brothers which led to have her spine broken. Some other sources claim that Israa fell of the window in trials to escape the physical abuse she was facing; which led her spine to break. Israa was transferred to the hospital, and in the hospital, she posted a selfie of herself that indicated she was subjected to domestic violence, however, she stated that she felt better at that moment! She also posted another photo with a cannula in her hand. She, sorrowfully, announced that she would have to cancel all her makeup appointments for the next two months; due to her health condition. 


Israa, later, was heard by one of the nurses screaming! The nurse recorded Israa’s screams as her brother-in-law and her brother tortured her in the hospital. Sources say that her brother, who recently came back from Canada, hit her on her head which caused a stroke, and then she died. Israa’s family denied all the accusations, mentioning that Israa suffered from mental illness diseases and she was psychologically disturbed; which caused her to throw herself from the second floor. Also, in a live broadcast on Social Media, Israa’s brother-in-law said that non of these accusations were true, and they had to get Israa out of the hospital; as Israa was jinn possessed. However, Israa’s friends denied Israa’s mental health’s issues and said all these were just lies. 

Reasons behind Israa’s death are still unclear, but there is one thing that is very clear: honor crimes need to STOP! There is no such thing called honor crimes! It’s dishonoring to kill one’s own flesh, and what for? A video on Snapchat? How shameful and disgraceful is that! It shows that Palestinian women and Arab women, in general, are still in great danger. A young woman was murdered, with cold blood, because she went out with her fiancé to be and posted a normal video on Social Media that lasted for few seconds. Few seconds of laughter have ruined her life and the lives of her loved ones! Few seconds have murdered the skilled, young woman! Few seconds have shown what Arab women still face in the 21st Century; domestic abuse, violence, and “honor” murder. We want justice for Israa. We are all Israa Gharib.