People Believe That Steve Jobs is Alive and in Egypt after this Look-alike Photo

Soon after the random shot of Egyptian “Steve Job’s double” got uploaded on reddit, worldwide users started pouring hilarious comments and conspirational theories.

Some claimed that Apple CEO feigned his fatal-pancreatic-cancer death news in 2011 and secretly moved to settle down in Egypt.

Others have thrown funny observational jokes like; “OMG Steve Jobs doesn’t wear an Apple Watch!”, “Apple should hire this guy, bring him to USA and start a campaign that the Jobs is back from the dead. iMalive. And he could fix the keyboards in MacBooks.” and “iLive!!!”.

While one of them explained that he was half-American, half-Syrian hence chances for this high-level of resemblance makes sense due to Mediterranean ancestral genes.

We’re living the age of the 4th industrial revolution, where people swear by technology gurus to the extent that has made their death a skeptical phenomenon!