5 Signs to say that you are stuck in a toxic relationship

We all get into relationships, some starts with a sparkle that never fades but others ended after wasting too much of our emotions. What about deciding if you are in a healthy relationship or in a toxic one? How many times you stopped to ask yourself; does it really worth to be that much drained? Here we will try to figure out some signs that everyone agrees on when they were into a toxic relationship.

  • When NO is an unacceptable word:

No is an important word in any relations, as healthy relationships need you to compromise at sometimes but it also respect your needs and desires for both partners. Communication is an important thing to a successful relationship but you both have to accept that you will not always say Yes to everything the other partner say or do. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, please No, and explain your situation.

  • Mutual avoidance:

Everyone has his own needs that he wants to talk about, but sometimes people stop expressing about what they really need because they are sure that they will end up fighting with their partners. So they choose to avoid each other in order to not be accused of being needy, insecure, or mad.

  • Physical or verbal abuse or both:

Those two are seem to be a deal breaker, as you will never be in a healthy relationship when those two are around. Please stop it immediately if you have been abused in a way you feel bad about yourself in any means.

  • Invading privacy:

Everybody deserves some level of privacy, that he can be trusted and not misused. If your partner constantly goes through your text messages, or your phone calls, so it seems that it is immature to continue in this relationship.  One thing also is to feel invaded by your partner in every occasion. It is like not being able to meet a friend individually; as your partner wants to be around all the time that makes you feel like you want to have some level or personal space.

  • It feels bad all the time:

It is when you lay to your bed feeling worthless or unwanted because of this relationship. It is when you keep asking yourself why I am that drained every day. If it makes you ask yourself about why I am here, unfortunately you are stuck. If it makes you feel guilty all the time, it is not yours.


Finally, love is one of the best feelings ever but it is only when you are in a healthy relationship that helps you to grow and bloom. And ending a relationship is not an easy thing; it takes great courage to do it if it is a toxic one. Remember it is important to make sacrifices in relationships but your happiness, self-esteem, and self- respect should always be at your top list.