Ever Wondered Why You Always See 11:11? This Could Be the Reason

Are you one of those people who happen to see these numbers often? If yes, there’s good news for you! We might be able to answer your question today! Why 11:11? Is it good luck? Bad luck? Is it just a coincidence? Or is there a deep meaning behind it?

It is believed that seeing 11:11, on regular basis, means that you’re so close to meeting your “Twin Flame.” What is a Twin Flame? A Twin Flame is someone with whom you have a very special connection; someone with whom you feel chemistry once you meet. Also, a Twin Flame is someone who shares a very special bond with you; for example, you feel how they feel, so if something bad is going on with them, you sense it! You may dream of it; you may think of it. It just occurs! It’s a relationship that is deeper than that of soulmates. Wonderful, isn’t it?

So according to this myth, 11:11 on your clock is not a coincidence! In fact, 11:11 can mean something! It can be a sign of “oneness and unity.” It can mean that this person is so close to meeting you, or if you already have him/her, but something is affecting this relationship, then it should be fixed soon.

Surprisingly, in almost every Twin Flame relationship, there are two people: a runner and a chaser. The runner is the person who’s scared of that connection or that relationship, so they keep running! Some of them think they’re not ready for this connection; some think they’re confused about their partner. Some are too self-absorbed, so they’re not paying attention to the beauty they have, but in all cases, they ruin the relationship by running away. While the chaser is the person who keeps trying to fix it! All the time! They understand that what they have is very precious, so they do their best to make their partner comfortable; they keep highlighting how this relationship means the world to them! They fight for it! They don’t give up! It sounds noble, doesn’t it? But guess what? They end up ruining it as well, not knowing that the runner needs time to grow up, work on himself/herself, and be mature for the special bond. 

It’s also believed that a Twin Flame relationship is more likely to be found between couples who live miles apart; as the bond becomes stronger through facing lots of pain and hardships, and those who survive long distance relationships are definitely champions! However, this doesn’t mean it only occurs between long distance relationships. As there are twin flames who live in the same place.

Have we solved the “11:11 mystery”? We are not sure. Next time you see 11:11 on your mobile screen, decide whether you really want to believe this is a sign from the universe, telling you that it’s going to be okay soon, or if it’s a warning that it is getting late and you should be heading to bed soon! It’s up to you!