How to Tell That You’re In Love With The Right Person

Falling in love is exciting, yet scary. The second you admit it to yourself, when you just give up and let your heart take the lead, that exact second changes your life altogether. As beautiful as it has been portrayed through films and music, love is actually messy. But when you’re in love with the right person, it’s totally worth it.

Now the real question comes, how do you know that this is the right person for you? Out of everyone you thought you loved, how would you know that this time is different for a fact? The answer is simple, you just know. And no, it’s not butterflies in your stomach, it’s much deeper than that.

If you believe that your feelings are deeper than just liking your partner, here are some signs that it might actually be love:

  • Your day isn’t complete without them

Now that you’re in love, you just know that your days are never complete without them. You can’t go a day without seeing them, hearing their voice or simply texting. Seeing them is the best part of their day; whether you just went out for coffee, saw them for 15 seconds, or spent the whole day together, it’s never boring. Somehow, their silence is more enjoyable than any other thing you might hear. They feel like home.

  • Being yourself has never been so easy

Nobody has seen your most natural and raw self like them. You don’t have to filter your words. You don’t want to impress them. You come to peace with everything you once thought of as an imperfection; you can go out with your hair undone and with no makeup on if you want. You know that they love and accept you when you look like a Hollywood star and when you look like a drug dealer, when you’re clumsy and when you’re classy, when you’re silent or the most talkative, you just always act like you.

  • You just become selfless

Their needs matter. Their wants matter. You just notice the small things, you hear that they want one thing or remember something they like, and you find yourself doing everything possible only for the sake of seeing them smile. You kind of feel that anything becomes less important when compared to your partners’ needs.

  • No matter what happens, you always run to them

They feel like your safe haven. You think of them first thing when you open your eyes. You want to share every single moment, be it happy or sad, with them. When the world is messy, when everything goes wrong, you find yourself running towards them. Their sound heals. They always have the right words to fix your wounds.

  • You can’t see a future that doesn’t include them

You’ve finally found your person. You know what you’ve been missing out on all your life, and you believe that The Beatles were 100% honest when they said that “all you need is love.” Now that you’ve seen life with them, you work extra to make that life a million times better. You strive to be better together; you want them to be proud of you, and you would do anything possible to see them reach their dreams. You can’t see a life that doesn’t include them.

You’re comfortable being cheesy, affectionate, and caring. You’re genuinely happier than ever. Everything feels easier, even sadness feels easier, when they’re with you. You feel that life is kind again. That, my friend, is how you feel when you’re in love with the right person. May you all feel the same.