Five Nuclear Scientists Died In A Mysterious Accident In Northern Russia

Last week, an explosion took place at a military test site near the Russian city of Severodvinsk. It results in the death of 5 nuclear scientists, but the reason is still unknown. The Russian Defense Ministry stated that they died while they were testing a missile engine.

Whereas Local authorities in Severodvinsk reported that there was a  nuclear radiation leak as the missile was involved in a nuclear reactor, but the statement was deleted from the official website after a few hours.


This accident brought to mind Chernobyl disaster; of course, there is no huge radiation leak till now like Chernobyl reactor, no evacuation procedures, but this accident rings the bell that the world may be facing another Chernobyl drama.

We are still waiting for more clear details from the Russian Government in the coming days to know the real reason beyond this explosion.