Relive the Jennifer Lopez’s It’s My Party in Egypt: A Party We Will Always Remember

For more than two decades, Jennifer Lopez has entertained us and brought joy to millions of people all around the world. She is the number one star in movies, songs, and shows.

Coming to Egypt yesterday with her “It’s My Party Tour”, Jennifer Lopez has put a show that we will never forget. Going to Sahel, you will find many billboards of JLo’s It’s My Party Tour. Then in Al Alamein City after Marina, you will find signs for entrance to the VIP, Sky, Standing and Golden Circle categories. After parking your car, an Uber bus will take you to your entrance gate. The gates open at 4:00 P.M.

You stand in a long line, hoping to see your favorite star in an incredible performance and have a good time. Most people are wearing white summer clothes. You enter the gate and see an incredible stage just in front of the Mediterranean Sea Beach in the Sea Code Beach Club. The breeze flows through your hair and you are ready to party.

At first the DJ starts to put you in the mood for the party. Then a couple of dancers show up. It is getting late and you are wondering when will JLo show up. Finally, the moment you have been waiting for comes. The lights turn down and focus only on the stage and the party begins.

JLo in a Nagwa Zahran design

Jennifer Lopez starts her show with her latest song Medicine, going through the show with 6 outfit changes -including one from the Egyptian designer Nagwa Zahran-along with all the dancers, lights, and music band. You can’t help but jump, dance and sing along.

The show is filled with vibes of joy and love. The audience sings happy birthday in celebration of JLo’s 50th birthday. Then she continues with her all time famous hits like Get Right, Waiting for Tonight, El Anillo Pa Cuando, If You had my Love, Dinero, Dance Again and All I Have. She always manages to stay grounded and remember where she is from therefore she also sings Jenny from the Block with her New York Cap on.

 She asks the ladies what they want from their man. Love? Money? A Ring? Meaning Commitment. Then sings Ain’t Your Mama to the men with the ladies. The crowd goes wild.

 Between songs, Jennifer Lopez makes sure to share her personal thoughts about her life and the milestones she took to reach where she is now. She says, “When you have a big birthday, you think about your whole life. You’re like wow. And you start thinking about the different times you’ve been through, the hard times, the tough times because life can be tough sometimes right? Yeah. But you start thinking about the beautiful things that have happened. All the beautiful moments you get to have in your life. When I was putting this show together I thought about this beautiful moment that I had few years back when I did this movie called Selena” then sings Si una Ves from the movie.

In between songs, JLo takes a moment to be grateful for the love she feels around her from the audience. She makes sure to say ‘I Love You’ several times and makes the audience interact with her by singing and dancing along. Jennifer says that she doesn’t mess with 3 things: her family, her party, and her money.

JLo shares the most important lessons she has learned over the years. She says that ‘ I want my babies to know that they can do whatever they want to do, they can be whoever they want to be” and “Sometimes life is going to be hard, and they’re going to fall down, but they are going to get back up again, they will keep on going and mami is always going to be right there”. Then she sings Limitless song with her daughter Emmy on stage.

You feel the heat around you and can’t stop smiling or staring in awe at her energy and cool dance moves. The show is ending or so you think. Jennifer says a couple of words like “ I got to look in your faces, I got to see your heart in your eyes. That’s what I want. I want to remember this moment. Thank you so much for coming out and celebrating my birthday with me tonight. I am so grateful that I got to share such a special time of my life in such a beautiful way with all of you“ then proceeds to sing On the Floor with a slow tone then the dancers come on stage and the dancing continues with a faster beat. She ends the show with the song Live it Up. The crowd sings Happy Birthday one more time then fireworks are everywhere in the sky.

This is a party we will never forget and an experience we will forever carry in our hearts. From the start of her career, Jennifer Lopez has always reminded us to never be afraid to show who we are, to work hard everyday, and find true love inside us first. She also is a living proof that age is just a number and that we are all Limitless. Till next time Jennifer.