5 Egyptian Female Bloggers That Will Glam Up Your Everyday Life

When these 5 ladies started their blogs, they had no idea how it would both change and affect their lives. From food and fashion to everyday lifestyle, here are 5 Egyptian ladies that will glam up your daily life.

Farah Nofal
Farah Nofal has become one of the most inspiring athletes in Egypt, an active leader in the Cairo wellness community and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Farah aims to spread awareness about healthy lifestyles and how Yoga and sports can change your perspective on life.
Her story with Yoga started back when she suffered a back injury, helping her recover and getting back on her feet. From there Yoga became a constant in her life, going as far as getting her ISAA Fitness Trainer Certificate and Weightlifting Trainer Certification from the United States.
After that Farah created Eden Wellness, a place where people can come and change their view of life by participating both physically and emotionally.

Heidi Halawa
Heidi Halawa is a 26 years old Egyptian graphic designer and a lifestyle blogger who graduated from the German University in Cairo, Faculty of Applied Arts and Sciences. Even though she took acting workshops and some commercial, Heidi considers these things a hobby in her life; her true passion is graphic design and anything related to art.
Building her agency is a plan, however, she’s waiting to gain more experience when it comes to the professional field, while currently working for a branding company and taking on freelance jobs.

Passant El Molla
Meet Passant El Molla, a dentistry graduate from MSA University, but her passion for food and everything related lead her to start her food-reviewing blog on Instagram (Thefoodreview_) and instantly became a major hit.
She first started her journey by posting photos and recipes on her personal account but then after seeing people interacting with her posts took the step and created a sole food reviewing account. Passant aims to show people the joy that comes with cooking and to break the idea of cooking being hard or that some are just not destined to be in the kitchen.

Ranin El-Gaby
Passionate about fashion and everything related since an early age, Ranin El-Gaby broke every standard beauty stereotype by becoming one of the most followed plus-size fashion bloggers on Instagram.
Started by writing a fashion article for a magazine, Ranin now aims through her blog to end body-shaming and to prove to the world and the fashion industry that curvy and plus-size women can be fashionable and beautiful and that no lady out there should compromise and endanger her health to reach size zero.

Yasmine Darwish
Yasmine Darwish is a 27 years old model, born in the UAE but currently taking residence in Egypt; a graduate from Arab academy for science, technology, and maritime transport and currently working in a logistics department manager in a marine contracting company.
When she was young Yasmine Struggled with an eating disorder for over 9 years, but then found the courage and took the step to treat herself and become healthy through veganism.
Modeling came by coincidence as she started doing TV ads and modeling, after that she began to be scouted easily. Yasmine’s next step is to educate people about eating disorders through her Instagram blog.

These are only examples of all the successful ladies out there, go to our comments section and share with us some of your favorite blogs.