You Need to Get Ready For The Opening of The 28th International Citadel Festival For Music and Singing

A great event is going to take place at one of the most beautiful historical venues in Cairo this month. Cairo Citadel is ready to welcome a number of musicians, singers, folk music artists and bands from different countries to its 28th international festival for music and singing. Starting from 18th of August to 1st of September, you will enjoy a variety of  promising musical nights.

Forty five concerts will take place along the festival this year with three different concerts per day. Different countries are going to participate in the event this year such including China, India, Namibia, Guinea, Algeria and Venezuela.


Musicians who will take place performing in this festival include Egyptian Mohamed Mohsen, Tunisian Ghalia Benali, Dina El wedidi, Hisham Kharma and the beloved underground band Massar Egbari. In addition to that, legends Hany Shaker, Ali El-haggar, Medhat Saleh and Hisham Abbas will also perform.


What makes this event more unique this year that the Legend Omar Khairat will participate at the closing night  of the festival on the 1st of September playing his famous melodies on the piano .

Have a look on the 28th  Cairo Citadel festival Schedule , pick your favorite singer or musician, get your ticket and enjoy a  unique musical night with your friends.