19 killed and over 30 injured in last midnight’s explosion around El Manial!

Last night, the 4th of August, has been a night of horror for everyone that was around El Manial District; as an explosion was heard around midnight, resulting in the death of 19 civilians and the injury of over 30 others!

The cause of the explosion remained a clue for a few hours, and was first thought to be due to the explosion of an oxygen tank in the Cancer Institute. However, it got denied later by the Ministry of Interiors and Cairo University who reported that the explosion happened around the institute, not inside of it.

Later, the Ministry of Interior announced that the massive explosion was caused by a crashing accident between a vehicle that was moving in an opposite direction, colliding with 3 others, right outside the institute. The Ministry of Health announced that some of its facilities were completely demolished and that they had to evacuate all the patients and staff from the institute. They also added that they don’t have any official statements yet to whether anyone inside the institute was among those killed or injured.

Currently, the whole area around the institute and Corniche El Nil is closed by the General Prosecutor, who ordered running immediate investigations for the accident and its aftermath.

Our heart goes out to the families of those who’ve been killed and we hope nothing but a fast recovery for those injured.