Eid Movies: Here’s What To Expect From Egyptian Movies This Upcoming Eid

After the huge success of The Blue Elephant sequel hitting 9.2 rating in IMDB and the first time war Egyptian movie ever “ElMamar” and Amir Karara’s “Casablanca” the last Fitr Eid. This Eid will be introducing more and more stunning movies and we’re all just too excited for it!

  1. Welad Rizk 2


The impressive Rizk gang are back again blowing our minds with the exceptional performances in the action and thriller genre. Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed Dawood, Ahmed El Fishawy and Amr Youssef reuniting again in burglary and crim to make the second part of Welad Rizk

2. Khayal Ma’ata 

Ahmed Helmy is returning to the movie theatres after a long drought of cinematic productions since Laf and Dawaran in 2016. The Egyptian star has posted the trailer of the United Bros production movie and looks like it’s expected to see Helmy in a totally new character

3. El Kenz 2


Another sequel to expect in Eid is Sherif Arafa’s masterpiece of different eras back in history. The movie will feature Hend Sabry on the big screen again along with Mohamed Ramadan and Ahmed Rizk

4. El Tayeb w El Shars w El La3oob


Mai Kasab is sharing the comedy genre along with Tarek El Ebiary and Bayoumy Fouad in a movie where the plot revolves around three actors who have retired but decide to return to acting again, through a work that brings them together with aliens

Both Tamer Hosny and Heneidy announced movies, however, unfortunately we won’t see them on the big screen this Eid. Which movie are you waiting for the most? Tell us in the comments section below.