Is HBO’s Euphoria Too Graphic And Triggering? All The Controversy Surrounding The TV Series

Warning: The article contains a discussion of topics that may be triggering to some readers!

HBO renews its controversial teen drama Euphoria for a second season, leading people to raise the question whether the graphic series should be allowed to continue.

Disney actress and Spider-Man star Zendaya stars as the series main character, portraying the character of “Rue“, a high school student who gets out of rehab the summer before she starts her junior year.

I feel like she’s a version of myself with different choices and circumstances. Rue is a good person, she just doesn’t know it. She’s in pain. There’s something innocent and redeeming about her that reminds you that she’s a human first and an addict second.Zendaya discussing her new character with The New York Times.

The first episode of the series aired back on June 16, however, we wanted to wait for viewers to invest in the series and watch several of its episodes to get their opinions and if they agree with the graphic scenes of the series.

The series was created and written by Sam Levinson, based on his struggle with addiction according to The Hollywood Reporter.

President the Parents Television Council Tim Winter during an interview with Fox News demanded that HBO pull the plug on the show, stating that “They have a responsibility,

That statement was due to the many sex scenes in the series, some of them include too graphic nudity. Several scenes also include substance use which is what the series is mainly about.

There are going to be parents who are going to be totally fucking freaked out, It’s a good insight into how hard it is to grow up in this time Sam Levinson telling The Hollywood Reporter.

While on the other hand some state that it’s the graphic and controversial scenes and topics that made the series a huge success. Calling it an “eye-opener” to both parents and teenagers about the dark side of life and depicting the real horrors of addiction that some individuals are hunted with.

Whether you’re a fan of the TV series or not, no one can deny the popularity that it gained through the previous weeks, drawing in a younger audience than the network usually gets.