Saving Zoë: A Story Of Sexual Exploitation Through The Eyes Of Two Sisters

Her Story Will Be Told…

Saving Zoë is a Drama Crime movie based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Alyson Noël, the story follows the life of Echo (Laura Marano) a teenage girl who’s about to start her freshman year of high school while still reeling from the aftermath of the murder of her older sister Zoë (Vanessa Marano) and the mystery surrounding the murder.
The movie stars actual sisters Vanessa and Laura Marano, read the acclaimed novel over a decade ago and were left both hunted by the story but also inspired to share this important message with the world through the screen. They then convinced their mother to option the rights to the novel Saving Zoë, and now, years later, their dream finally came with the production of the movie.
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The two fought tooth and nail to get the sex trafficking drama made, as many thought that the story was too dark and disturbing to make. But the sisters did not give up, and instead teamed up with their mother and together they both produced and starred in this movie.
During interviews, Vanessa and Laura discussed the important and heavy topic that the movie tackles. And that not only it affects the victims, but their family and people around them, and unfortunately only a handful of people are willing to talk about it and spread awareness.
That is what motivated Vanessa and Laura to take on such a project, they wanted to make a movie filled with teenagers that is not all sweet; focusing on proms, dates, and fashion. They wanted to make something that reached through the screen and grasped the attention, hearts, and emotions of the viewers.

The movie is rated R due to violence and sexual assault, children are not advised to watch it, and parental guidance is advised.