This is Exactly Why your Thanweya Amma Grade is Total Bullshit

Official grade transcripts have been recently released by ministry of education last Sunday. Apparently people will always validate your future from a grade you got when you were still a minor in school. Everyone around you is going to jump to the conclusion that you’re a failure according to Thanweya Amma standards.

Let me be honest with you, if you had hoped for medical careers or engineering careers you’ve probably failed hard if you didn’t get the grade in Thanweya. However, you’ve proved to yourself that this is not the career you should be pursuing for the rest of your life. Sometimes it’s just a pressure by everyone around you that all you could do with your life is becoming a doctor or an engineer.

But guess what? There is more in life than your Thanweya Amma grade! Older generations can always succeed in influencing your mindset especially at a young age. They’ve succeeded in embedding the belief that you can only make it through being a doctor or an engineer.

Honestly from my personal experience, I got a really high grade when I was a Thanweya Amma student and I got into Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University. But guess what?! It wasn’t what I really wanted in life at all. I got an internship at a marketing agency afterwards, that’s when I fell head over heels in marketing and writing. I actually had only discovered that there’s a marketing degree you could pursue when I was my second year of college. But luckily nowadays you could literally do any field just by an online course you take not a full degree.

The bottom line is that you still haven’t gotten the right amount of exposure around you to fully decide on what are you going to do for the rest of your life. You could see people who got 51% at their Thaweya Amma grade just as successful as people who got 100%. I know a couple of doctors who actually career shifted away from medicine because they didn’t feel like doing it anymore and they pursued other careers.

If you had a certain goal that you didn’t accomplish through your Thanweya Amma grade, it’s okay. It’s not the end of the line or the road. You have the privilege right now to access more fields than ever. Just educate yourself and do your research before deciding on the career you want to pursue.