Sharnouby Takes It To Social Media To Speak About The Whole Sarah El Tabakh Drama

Sharnouby’s relationship status has been making it to headlines for multiple reasons in the past couple of weeks. When his engagement was first announced, I remember having a newsfeed that’s full of girls who are crying their hearts out now that he’s taken, and guys making fun of those girls. However, weeks after the engagement was announced, rumors started flying that Sharnouby got engaged to Tabakh -who’s 11 years older than him- only to take over the company. The star was cyberbullied and called a fraud and a social climber.

Sharnouby chose to remain silent until yesterday. The star took it to social media to speak about his relationship for the first and last time. Through the post, Sharnouby elaborated that the engagement dates back to early 2018 and that it was broken off a couple of months later.

Through his statement, Sharnouby stated that he did fall in love with Sarah El Tabakh and that it caused him so many troubles. The star’s  father was against the engagement and he even stopped talking to Sharnouby for a while, which explains why he wasn’t seen in the engagement video.

He further explained that El Tabakh manipulated him into signing a contract which obligates him to work with her company for 10 years. The terms of the contract imply that he won’t be able to work with any other production company, only Sarah has the right to agree or disagree on any work presented to Sharnouby, and in case of breach, he has to pay a penalty of USD 600000. He added that he believe that such terms were the norm, and that his fiancee manipulated him into thinking that he can break free from this contract whenever he feels uncomfortable.

According to Sharnouby’s statement, the couple broke off the engagement and got back together after multiple friends tried to fix the relationship. He then got the feeling that El Tabakh is trying to control his life, and decided to break off the engagement one more time. That’s when El Tabakh started using the contract against him.

We believe that time will reveal more of this story. What do you think? Who’s right and who’s wrong? Tell us in the comments section below.