This is How You Can Start Living a “Zero-waste” Life

When I think about the “Zero-waste” term, the amount of trash that comes out of our houses is all that comes to my mind. Because all of us unknowingly create a ton of unnecessary waste every day. So, with the environmental awareness that’s been growing vastly in Egypt in the past couple of months. We need to start paying attention to decreasing the amount of trash that we create. I know that living a Zero-waster lifestyle is not an easy choice but with baby steps, it would be easier to adopt new habits that will change not only our life but also, our future.

  • Reusable Bags:


Start investing in reusable cloth bags instead of keeping plenty of plastic ones in your cupboards. It would be easier if you started with keeping one in your handbag or your car to remember to use it while shopping. It will save a huge amount of waste that will end up in the oceans.

  • Reusable Cups:


Something that you definitely need to start ditching is “Plastic Cups” which are definitely not the best type of cups to use not only for the sake of the environment but also for the sake of your health. And if you are a coffee lover, why not invest in a reusable cup that you will use to drink your favorite morning coffee on your way to work that will definitely save you some money and help to protect the environment. But if you like to get your coffee from a certain coffee shop, they wouldn’t mind pouring your coffee in your reusable cup.

  • Reusable Water Bottles:


Another investment that is good for your health and your wallet,  is a reusable water bottle. Your reusable water bottle is going to be your new best friend that is to refill and will keep hydrated all day.

  • Toiletries:


Another important thing that we may not notice how much trash comes out of it is our Toilet. If you counted how many plastic toothbrushes, loofahs, body lotions and shampoos we use on a daily bases, you’d not imagine the trash that comes out of them. So, I advise you to start taking a look at your local stores to start shopping for new toiletries as “baladi lofahs” and wooden toothbrushes or you can start taking a look online on how you can DIY stuff like your shampoo, toothpaste and body lotions that will cause less harm to the environment.

You don’t have to start doing all of that at the same time, but as I mentioned above that you can start taking baby steps toward your new lifestyle that in the end, you’d start taking them as granted.