First Marine Research And Technology Center in the Middle East to be in Egypt

The marine life that’s below sea level has always been a true fascination to the most of us. Whether it is on a professional level for those who study marine life and try to discover its hidden treasures, or on another level for those of us who are fond of knowing more about it through watching National Geographic or snorkeling during our summer days. However, the happy news that is going to be of interest to all of us is that, Egypt is expected to establish the first marine research and technology center in the Middle East!

The project is a collaboration between the Arab Academy of Science and Technology (AAST), Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Company (GIE), which is an organization that aims for supporting innovation worldwide, and the US Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE), which is an American partnership that consists of organizations that aim for the marine life’s improvement and advancement of technical education.

It is also noted that the project has taken 8 years of hard work and investments until last Sunday, where an agreement was signed in the presence of Bank Misr’s Head of Logistics, the presidents of Ain Shams, El Azhar and Arab Academy of Science and Technology universities. It is said that the project was started as a result of the first local and regional marine robotics competition that was under the supervision of AAST and GIE.

Ismail Osama -Head of the organizing committee- stated that “Establishing this center is part of the Leaders of the Nile initiative, that’s supported and funded by Bank Misr and the Central Bank of Egypt. This project is crucial to establish such technology and industry in Egypt.”

We believe that this project could be the start of something great and innovative in the marine life research field and we can’t wait to see where it could take us!