Einstein Al Sharqia, Marwan Awad, Ranks First in Thanaweya Amma and Proves That Autism is a Superpower

You know that not all stories have happy endings, but this one does. Marwan Awad, the Thanaweya Amma student who got the highest grades this year happens to be autistic. If anything, this is a story of hope to every single parent with an autistic child.

We all know how challenging Thanaweya Amma is, the pressure it puts on students is insane. We’ve seen cases of depression and even suicide caused by Thanaweya Amma. And while they aim to change the system, things are still not as easy. Now Marwan Awad, the young man from Sharqiya, managed to score the highest grades this year and is making his dream of studying architecture come true.

In an interview with Shorouk News, Marwan stated that the minister of education called by himself to deliver the news and congratulate Marwan and his family on his success.

Wahid Abdallah Awad, Marwan’s father,Wahid Abdallah Awad, went on explaining that Marwan showed signs of autism when he was only two. The family sought treatement as they believed that their young boy was meant to be great.

“I stood by him and I told myself that I would stay with him until the last day of my life. We went through so many different crises, but today we reaped what we sowed and God compensated everything,” said Wahid.

As a child, some of Marwan’s doctors were discouraging and said that the young man wouldn’t amount to anything. Well, Marwan did prove them wrong. The presisitence of the boy and his family led him to greatness against all odds.

This is a lesson to every single parent; love your children, never give up on them, and watch them conquer the world. Children with autism have highly functional brains, and with therapy, what this community perceives as an illness turns into a superpower.