Stranger Things season 3: here is what we liked the most, and what could’ve been better.

It’s been 10 days since Stranger Things season 3 got released on Netflix, and ever since, the internet cannot stop talking about it. The opinions about this season were all different from one another, except some common factors that a big amount of fans agreed on.

Stranger Things 3 was an attractive experience that would make you not wanting to leave the screen and still crave more of it when you finish the episodes. It’s different from the previous two seasons, by taking you on a journey of diving deeper into the characters.

That being said, and also after hearing the opinions of many fans of the show, here is what we liked and what we think could’ve been better!


  • Billy’s back story

    billy stranger things
    Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery)

If you remember, we met Billy for the first time back in season 2 as Max’s stepbrother. He was physically and mentally abusive of his stepsister which gave us all some villain vibes, a “second antagonist”. This season revolves big time around his character being the main antagonist after being “possessed” by the Mind Flayer. By Eleven going through his memories in episode 6, we see his childhood and why he became the way he is: his mom abandoned him, his dad abused him and brought him a “new sister” (Max) which he didn’t like, and that’s the main reason we saw in season 2 his behavior towards her. He also projected the abuse he got from his dad onto the other kids, being known later as a bully. Billy’s back story made us sympathize with him, making him the main victim instead of the main antagonist, which took us on the journey of his transformation and made us discover the broken person that lies underneath.

  • Alexei’s time on screen  

    Alexei (played by Alec Utgoff)
    Alexei (Alec Utgoff)

This season we crossed paths with Alexei who might be the lightest part of the episodes. He was the most unproblematic character among them; he just wanted to watch Looney Toones and drink Slurpees with cherry! Unfortunately, Stranger Things introduces to us good characters every season that the audience feels tied to with tragic endings, and this time, it was Alexei’s turn. His presence proved how you can love a character who barely speaks on screen!

  • Robin and Steve’s chemistry

    Robin (Maya Hawke) and Steve Harrington (Joe Keery)

In this season, we meet Robin, Steve’s co-worker at an ice cream shop in Starcourt Mall, who also went to school with him. Robin is played by Maya Hawke, daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. The chemistry between Robin and Steve is one of the biggest highlights of this season while seeing them struggle together and trying to get out of the life threatening situations they got caught in while trying to save the world. Both characters’ acting is enjoyable and we craved more of scenes with these two together!


  • We wanted enough scenes for Will

    Will Buyers (Noah Schnapp)
    Will Buyers (Noah Schnapp)

Will Buyers deserved a bigger time on screen. He deserved to be focused on just like the other characters, but what if they’re preparing something big for him in Season 4? By seeing all the kids having partners, Will is the only one not having an interest of anyone of the opposite sex. What if there is something hidden behind that? Maybe we will find out more!

  •  The writing pattern of this season 

    The post credit scene
    The post credit scene

Since season 1, Stranger Things followed a certain pattern of writing: each season, a new character is introduced that gets loved by the audience, and then gets killed. By this, it is meant Barb in season 1, Bob in season 2, and now Alexei. Every season we get a major catastrophe that ends while the characters think the world is finally safe, and in a last scene we find out there is a hidden danger. For a moment, it was wished this season would end differently despite its sad ending, since the element of surprise would get lost if this is the pattern that the series will follow in the upcoming season. Despite the fact that this season was outstanding, a few changes need to be made in the future in order to be compatible with the mindset of the audience and break off the cliché plot twists. Apart from all of this, this season was the best on the writing level which is something that cannot be denied!

What do you think of the third season of Stranger Things? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts about it in the comments section below!