Here’s Exactly What Happens When You Fall In Love With Your Bestfriend

Tale as old as time. Friendship taking a whole new form, a more beautiful yet confusing one. We’ve seen it in movies, series, and songs, but it’s a whole different story when it happens to you. You have this person, best friend, who you always run to. You can be your most clumsy and awkward self around him/her. You have someone who understands and accepts you the way you are. Well, that is one of life’s greatest gifts. But with love being part of the equation, that leaves you wondering what will happen next?

The only two possible scenarios here are if they or if they not love you back. Now you need to take it slow, look for the signs that will either give you the green light to move forward with the relationship or do everything possible to save that friendship.

Well, if they do love you, here’s what happens:

  • Transitioning will be confusing, but it’s definitely worth it.

At the end of the day you’re two bestfriends, you’ll figure it out together. Transitioning will be weird, I can even say awkward. You don’t know what you are or how to act now that you both came out. I can even say you might find it hard to speak. But that will take a day, maximum two, and then the magical period begins.

  • ‘I love you’ will feel totally different.

I’m sure you used to say it more than enough as bestfriends. But now, it will feel different. It’s something you’re sure of, it’s deeper and more meaningful, and it’s reassuring that the two of you are in love. It’s just beautiful.

  • Everything you thought was scary, well, it’s not.

Relationships are scary indeed. Finding someone, taking a lot of time to get to know and understand them, acknowledging that you love them; sweet as it may sound, that scares almost everyone. They run to their bestfriends with all the troubles at the end of the day. Well, you get to experience that with your bestfriend, the person who knows you the most. Nothing feels better.

  • A lot of firsts coming your way.

You probably did so many stuff with your bestfriend, but there’s a whole lot more you’re about to experience. There’s the first ‘I’m in love with you’, first date as more than just friends, first time you hold hands, hug, and everything else. There’s a whole new bond here!

Now that the two of you are together, you get to be the clumsiest version of your self with the person you love the most, your bestfriend. Enjoy it, that’s probably one of the best phases you’ll ever go through.