12 Times Arwa Gouda Wowed Us with Her Unique Style

Looking at Egyptian actresses through time, we see nothing but charm and elegance. However, some give us the gift of influential style, such as the undeniably astonishing beauty queen Arwa Gouda.

Ever since she started her career as a model – through which she won Best Model of the World 2004/2005 –, Arwa’s fashion style has always been turning heads.

Here are 12 times Arwa Gouda wowed us with her unique style:

1- This Print Dress

Teaming it up with red heels and bag was the right choice from Arwa.

Image result for zara snakeskin kimono dress

2- This Smart Casual Outfit

Suit goals!

Image result for arwa gouda casual

3- This Casual Dress

Navy definitely suits her light complexion.

4- This Enchanting Look 

Acing the closing ceremony of the 40th Cairo International Film Festival in a jumpsuit by Hany El-Beheiry.

5- This Perfect Evening Gown

She glows.


6- This Backless Masterpiece 

Has she ever done red carpet wrong?

Arwa Gouda Sexy Back

7- This Black Dress

Not anybody can wear simple black and still look that sophisticated.

Image result for arwa gouda cairo design award

8- This Summer Look 

Colorful, bright and stripped. What else do we need for the perfect summer inspiration?

Arwa Gouda Hot in Gaugle

9- This Casual Outfit

She can’t be any simpler, yet can’t be any more stunning!

Arwa Gouda on Photoshoot Pic

10- This Authentic Look

A mermaid from another time? Nope, just Arwa Gouda in her unique neck piece and beautiful dress color.

Image result for red carpet

11- This Royal Appearance

The gown, the jewelry and the pose just make her look too graceful.

12- This Blue Dress

Queen of Hearts!

Image result for ‫أروى جودة‬‎

She is beautiful. She is classy. She is unique. She is Arwa Gouda. And we love her!