Here’s What I Learned From Quitting My Job Without a Plan

Quitting your job is one of the hardest decisions you have to make at any point of life. I mean, when I decided to quit my job -which I wholeheartedly hated- it took me months to actually do it. I sat there in front of my boss not knowing what to say. Moments later, the question I was avoiding came, “what are you gonna do next?” he said, “I just wanna explore.”

I was quitting my job with no plan, all I wanted was the peace of mind and to actually pursue something I like. So I did, and I haven’t been this happy in so long.

I did take a leap of faith, and I hope it gets me where I want to be. But while I’m still exploring, I learned a lot through this experience. Here are few of the many lessons that I learned.

  1. They’ll call you crazy, let them

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Going from a state of stability-or that’s how people see it- to a state of complete uncertainty without a solid plan might seem crazy. However, if you’ve reached this point, I’m sure you have thought it all through.

People won’t get it if you decided to quit and take a month off because you needed to get away. You’ll get a lot of “are you sure about this?” and “wait, what are you doing?” throughout the process. But it’s fine, you don’t have to explain. You don’t need their approval at the end of the day.

2. Encouraging people are GOLD

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I did say you don’t need people’s opinions, however, some support would make a lot of difference. They’ll give you a “Yes, finally” or “Fuck, you’re brave!” instead of “Wait, what are you doing?” and that, my friend, is very helpful. They’ll be there to remind you why you quit when you start doubting your decision. Yes, you don’t need anybody’s approval, but some encouragement won’t hurt.

3. Scary is exciting

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The idea sounded scary when you first said it. Quitting with no plan? But what if you never find a job? Gone broke? Ended up a total failure? Well, chill. All this time you wasted doing something you utterly hate is finally yours, think of all what you can accomplish now that you’re free. Take a break, go on a trip or enjoy some quality time, and plan for the future when your mind is clear.

Now that the decision is made, I highly advice you to be on good terms with your old boss and colleagues, you never know who you might need in the future. Build a good network and constantly tell people that you’re looking for a job. Finally, save up! You don’t know when you’re gonna land a job.