An Accuser Drops His Civil Lawsuit Against Kevin Spacey.

On June 26 2019, a civil lawsuit was filed against Kevin Spacey for sexual assault and got dropped only a week later. The civil complaint was filed by a young man who was just 18 years old when the actor tried to assault him after buying him alcohol beverages at Club Car bar, where the boy worked.

On July 5 2019, the accuser’s lawyer said that his client and him dropped the lawsuit voluntarily with no further comments. The case has actually been discovered recently on the accuser’s phone through text messages. The defense attorneys were given a CD with some of its files but claimed they were insufficient.

The case will proceed with a hearing set on Monday. The judge ordered that the phone may be turned over to the actor’s defense in order to examine it, though the accuser and his mom said they couldn’t find it but are trying to procure backups.

If the phone won’t be found within Monday, they will need to show up in court testify about its whereabouts.