Dahab Launches an Initiative to Ban Plastic Use

Last May, our very own Dahab has landed a spot in the National Geographic “Best Beaches in the Middle East” list as result of becoming one of the must-see tourist attraction especially during Winter.

Once again, Dahab made it to headlines as it took the first step into becoming a plastic free city. Dahab City Council President, Tarek El-Baz, announced the Plastic-Free Dahab campaign in which he decided to ban using plastic across the city in order to protect the environment and save the local marine life.

The Dahab community has been trying to protect the environment for a while which is something you’ll easily notice once you go there. As you’ll see some signs and initiatives that encourages tourists and visitors to reduce plastic use, littering, and just about anything that harms the environment.

Dahab’s City Council is organizing training courses and workshops for employees in hotels and resorts to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic.

Sahl Hashish will be trying to help save marine life, too. As divers are going to clean the sea every last Saturday of the next five months on the 27th of July, 31st of August, 28th of September, 26th of October, and 30th of November.

Red Sea Governor, Ahmed Abdallah reportedly agreed to banning single-use and disposable plastic starting June. Something that we wish to happen all over Egypt to help saving our environment!