5 YouTube channels every planting geek should check out!

Haven’t you ever wondered how calm and comfortable one can be by living in the countryside other than the city? Something we all discussed since our first grades at school through essays and assignments and not only scientifically but also from our personal point of views.
Plus, most people nowadays look up to trips that bring them back to nature and very far from the busy high pressured life we all eventually end up drowning into.

In fact, it’s proven that living around nature and greenery helps a lot in improving mental health, activity and productivity, and most important air quality.
We agree that planting is not the easiest thing to do and it requires lots of caring routines but it’s totally worth it.

Watch your home become a fresher and more peaceful place by the help of these 5 YouTube channels:

1. Summer Rayne Oakes:

Two years ago, Summer Rayne Oakes has started uploading plant-care videos on her YouTube channel. She’s one of the most active YouTubers in our list when it comes to her rate of sharing content. She mainly give tips on how to shop for plants according to several conditions, watering, fertilizing, getting rid of insects, and many more to be fully aware about your planting. What makes her channel interesting is that she’s created a new series of videos named 365 days of plants, where she uploads one video a day about one plant including full information about it. Also, She’s releasing her first book How To Make A Plant Love You this month. Check the channel here.


This channel is your absolute need for the perfect spacing and styling for plants around the house. Amanda, the woman behind PLANTERINA, has a great sense of styling plants according to the space style, area and lighting. Also, she does DIYs for her plants with anything around her house that’s not usable anymore and going to be wasted. You can get real inspiration from her videos to decorate your own space with your own taste and plants by understanding their nature and conditions. Check more here.

3. Garden Answer:

Garden Answer is definitely the answer we all need, how to plant 101 guide. Laura LeBoutillier started this channel in 2014, and she’s someone with professional background of gardening since her parents had a garden center she used to work at. Her content is presented very detailed so you don’t have to search for a missing info. She’s created many videos regarding planting fruits and flowers and plant caring tips and tricks. Her videos is considered long but worth the time, however she’s created another channel earlier this year to upload shorter videos on. Check the original channel here, and her second one here.

4. Harli G:

Harli has started her channel on 2014, her videos are what every beginner would ask for. She makes videos for the easiest ways to start having your own collection of plants, how to take care of them and how to provide the best lighting for them. She gets you to actually know your plants so you can understand how the process of everything should go. Actually, she’s created a video of her weekly 300 houseplant care routine, and if she can take care of that number,  so do you. Check her channel here.

5. LogeesPlants:

This channel is a bit old and barely updated, but I’ve found it so interesting since its content is all about fruiting, tropical and rare plants. Byron Martin, the creator of the channel, provides us in each video with some information about the plant he’s presenting, like its origin, conditions and care. Maybe we cannot own these plants but at least we can get the chance to know them here.

Aren’t you excited to get your first plant?