Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams to Star in a New Comedy Series

Actress Maisie Williams, best known for her rebellious role as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, is returning in a new dark comedy series titled “Two Weeks to Live”.

Filming this new project, created by screenwriter Gaby Hull, will – allegedly – begin later this year in order to be aired on Sky One by 2020.

Following her GOT breakthrough role, which lasted for 8 spectacular seasons, Williams previously hinted at taking a break from acting. Therefore, this news is definitely a pleasant surprise for the fans, especially with how her new role as a “young misfit” will remind us of the good old Arya Stark days.

While no other actors have been announced to the public, the 22-year-old actress had this to say about her new TV project: “Looking forward to getting into something new, I think Two Weeks to Live has really great potential and I want to make something incredible with this wonderful team!”

“Working on this project has been a blast from day one. Gaby’s scripts are fresh, full of surprises and very, very funny”, the show’s Executive Producer Phil Temple also said. “Working with Gaby, Maisie and Sky is a privilege and everyone at Kudos can’t wait to get going!”

Additionally, Director of Comedy at Sky, Jon Mountague, said: “With Maisie Williams leading from the front, Two Weeks to Live is to die for. Bold, British and very, very original, we can’t wait to wow audiences with even more great comedy”.

The Emmy award nominee will play Kim Noakes, whose father died in mysterious circumstances when she was a child. Two Weeks to Live is about this young woman who sets out on a secret mission to honor her deceased father.

The synopsis expands: “When an unlikely prank goes wrong, she finds herself on the run from a murderous gangster and the police with a massive bag of stolen cash. With the survival techniques she has picked up from her upbringing, however, she might just get through.”

We are already too excited to see our favorite actress bring Kim to life. If Maisie isn’t perfect for this role, we don’t know who is!