Neymar gets closer to his return to Barcelona; how do Catalans feel about it?


The Brazilian star looks forward to return to one of his favorite clubs, Neymar and PSG has reached a deal to lower his price, aiming to ease his way back to his former club FC Barcelona.

Neymar has been under the spot and top the new agendas as he was claimed to be planning on his return to Barcelona, buying a new house and some statements from his close friends of his wishes have confirmed his will.

PSG is willing to let Neymar go under certain conditions, not only the French club stated their requirements, Barcelona has also put down their constraints to open the doors

French Daily had reported that PSG were willing to lower their demands of 300 million euros for the Brazilian striker and would accept 222M euros instead, other reports claim that PSG would accept 130M euros plus two players from the Catalan club.

It’s been an ongoing hassle between the clubs, Neymar and his dad. However is Neymar the best option for Barca? More importantly, after his sudden departure from the Catalan club and leaving for one of the richest club in the world PSG, he didn’t quite leave a good impression on the fans.

Neymar was one of the key players during his time in Barca, creating an unstoppable MSN trio and winning a quintet with the club. These moments were the ones that hurt the fans most following his departure. Not just the space he left behind, but the reveal of his passion in his goal in the first Classico, or his astonishing performance in the famous remuntada, all that created a deep and long relationship with the player that reached the end so fast.

By the end of his last season with Barca, the fans felt that this player could be the next Ronaldinho, or maybe take over Messi’s spot when the time comes. However, some now can replay these feelings back if he returns, others can view it as so hard to recall.

Neymar’s footprint on the Camp Nou can never be lost or forgotten. Either we like it or not, he left some memorable performances on the field and his return doesn’t need the fans’ feelings about it. If the club needs him back, he is back.