#BlueForSudan: Sudanese Are Being Raped, Killed, And Dumped in the Nile and The World Reacts

Back in December 2018, the people of Sudan protested against former president Omar Al-Bashir and his regime after they started increasing the prices of everyday items such as bread and fuel in a bid to improve the economy. The protests resulted in the ending of Al-Bashir’s reign after around 30 years when he was overthrown and arrested on April 11th, 2019.

But instead of receiving the decomracy they asked for, the military took control of the country following Al-Bashir’s government and that led into the massacre we’re witnessing today.

On Monday the 3rd of June, a bloody attack was carried out on the sit-in in Khartoum leading to the death of at least 100 and injuring hundreds more. The attack came after multiple failed negotiations between the military and opposition groups. Following the attack, activists reported disruptions in internet services; Sudan’s network providers Sudatel, Zain and MTN have cut off mobile internet access for users. Shortly after, fixed lines also experienced the same, putting the country in complete isolation.

Monday’s attack resulted in rape, abuse and bodies literally thrown in Nile River. It also resulted in a huge social media campaign under the hashtag #BlueForSudan; social media users and celebrities have been turning their profiles blue and raising awareness towards what happens to the Sudanese.

The Blue for Sudan campaign began after Mohamed Hashim Mattar, 26, was allegedly shot dead by the Sudanese paramilitary Rapid Support Forces while attempting to save two women on June 3.

Mattar’s favorite color was blue, and soon, his friends, family and everyone started using the color to honor his death.

In the meantime, celebrities have joined the wave and turned their icons blue in honor of the Sudanese martyrs. That includes Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Naomi Campbell, Cardi B, Bella Hadid and more.

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It took me a minute to fully wrap my head around and educate myself on this. This needs to be heard. By EVERYONE… The internet in Sudan has been blacked and blocked out in efforts to keep this vital and cruel information from the rest of the world. It makes my heart so heavy to think about the men and women in Sudan, being beaten, murdered, raped, and oppressed like this. Human beings. They are just like me and you. They want to live a good life, with their families and not be punished because of that. Nobody deserves this kind of torture and we need to show Sudan that we are here for the them and aware of the changes that need to happen. Women are being raped with their underwear publicly hung in the streets. Men being shot at with guns and not able to defend themselves…Children without their parents ..It really breaks my heart to think about that. This is happening in our world RIGHT now and we can not silence ourselves. This needs to get the attention that the people of Sudan deserve. I will be adding some websites to my story on how we can help. Donating or even just raising awareness helps, and if we all come together; we can make a difference. We love you and hear you Sudan. 😔💔 This is not to blame anyone , this is to only help those in need. I love everyone in this world , we need to work together.

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The news of what’s happening in Sudan is so sad. My prayers are with the Sudanese community, both living in Sudan and worldwide. What was meant to be a peaceful protest and revolution has turned into a massacre. Hundreds are dying, being raped and tortured, which is heartbreaking to say the least. These events have not been getting the coverage or attention it deserves, and we must wonder why. Similar scenes and atrocities are also happening in Cameron, and Mali. Our leadership across Africa must change. Our people do not deserve this. My thoughts, prayers and strength are with all those suffering at the hands of those who are supposed to protect them, and I pray for peace across Africa as a whole. Prayers without works is dead and hopefully you’ll be brainstorming on how to be a part of bringing peace to our fellow humans who don’t get to experience the stability some of us do. Spread the message and for longevity please think about it people x love.

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There’s nothing we can do now but pray for the Sudanese to stay safe. #BlueForSudan