Into the Jungle: The First Kids Fashion Show and Bazaar is Taking Place in Alexandria and Here’s Everything You Need To Know

For the first time in the city of Alexandria, Celebrations in Style is presenting Into the Jungle kids bazaar and fashion show, a bazaar revolving around kids and related products and services, taking place at Designia Mall, Alexandria on the 22nd of June, and featuring Sherine Hamdy, Dr. Passant Saleh, Logina Salah, Ingy ElEngebawy, Raghda Hisham and Pola Salem.

Into the Jungle brings kids and mommies everything they need in one place; an exhibition with a wide variety of goods and services catering kids, moms and moms to be from several categories. Categories include but not limited to: clothes, accessories, books, natural products, candy bars, etc…

Hosted by no other than spectacular Sherine Hamdy, Into the Jungle will be holding the first kids fashion show in Alexandria. Casting for models started earlier last month, and with more than 200 applications, the show is guaranteed to put all audience in awe!

The event also has some of the best guest speakers including Logina Salah, Dr. Passant Saleh, as well as others who will give all the mommies various helpful parenting tips.

If you’re an Alexandrian resident, makes sure to attend Into the Jungle on the 22nd of June in Disignia mall with your kids for the best parental experience ever!