Eid Movie Guide: Here Are The Latest Movies You Can Catch in Cinemas If You’re Stuck in the City During Eid

Whether you’re stuck in Cairo to enjoy some peace and quiet while the city gets empty in Eid or you’re in somewhere else enjoying the warmth of the sun rays over your body on the beach, surely you will crave some drama in your vacation. What better drama to get if not through a good heart wrenchingly tragic movie, or a light-hearted comedy that will make you cackle until your stomach cramp.

Here is a list of movies we truly think you would absolutely enjoy:

  1. The Passage (El Mamar)


From the trailer, we can tell that the movie is expected to be another one of Ahmed Ezz’s iconic action movies that leave us thrilled from the beginning to the last minute of it. The movie setting is at war and is starring a group of talented artist including Hend Sabry, Ahmed Farag, Asmaa Abo Zeid, Eyad Nassar etc. Apart from the great cast, it is also directed by Sherif Arafa which again, gives us more expectations in what we’re going to see.


  1. Casablanca


For all the “Kalabsh” fanatics out there, Amir Karara decided to not miss Eid by dropping his new movie Casablance in cinemas, along with a group of movie stars that include Ghada Adel, Amr Abdel Gelil, Eyad Nassar, Mahmoud El Bezawy and many others. We look forward to see what they might have to offer.


  1. Hamleet Fer’oun


Not only does it include a group of our greatest movie stars, Hamleet Fer’oun also has the 2 international icons, Mike Tayson and Thor Bjornsson (“The Mountain” in Game of Thrones). The movie includes Amr Saad, Ruby, Mahmoud Abdel Ghany and many others. We can’t wait to see what this mix of casting might come up with!


  1. Mohammed Hussein


The infamous Mohammed Saad that has been an icon in most of our memes for years now, with his “El Lembi” character that we grew up watching; strikes back again with a new comedy movie. The movie cast also includes Mai Selem, Dina Mohsen, Sameer Sabri and many others. We believe it could be the laughter break that some might need during their Eid in a family outing.


  1. Sabaa’ El Boromba


Starring the beautiful Jamila Awad, Ramez Galal, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Tharwat and others; from the trailer we could tell that it is a light comedy movie. Its promo also included Ahmed El Sakka, Amir Karara and Yasser Galal as guest stars. The movie was to be released previously and got postponed a couple of times. We are looking forward to see what this great cast could offer.


Eid is known to be the time where people most hit the cinemas, especially those stuck in the city. Watching a movie is usually the most common and quickest last minute plan to enjoy a couple of hours with your friends or family. However, we advise you book your tickets in advance, in order to avoid the hassle of the very likely long cinema queues. May you have a blessed Eid, full of spirit and good time with your beloved ones!