8 Fashion Colors To Brighten Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is finally here and it’s that time of year when we all pay attention to the big fashion movements and trends. The weather has cleared up and so shall your wardrobe!! Spring and summer usually rinse dull and dark colors off the palette and replaces them with brighter, bolder and more cheerful ones.

Here are some colors we think you should venture with this summer:


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The most definite color of the spring/ summer 2019 runway is yellow. It showed up in shades of Aspen Gold, Turmeric, Lemon Verbena, and Mango Mojito. If you can’t quit pastels, try the lighter colors on the citrus spectrum like pale yellow. You will definitely find an item that you like this summer that has a yellow shade, and the upside is: it almost matches every other color one way or another!


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Give your closet a hot boost with a bright-orange piece! Also, darker orange shades made an appearance in the spring/summer 2019 runway too. Orange a strong color that you must have in your wardrobe, especially as you transform your cold-weather pieces into sunnier, cheerier weather.

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Sitting perfectly between orange and pink comes one of the top colors in fashion this year; the bright Living Coral. If any color speaks summer, then this is it! Bringing to mind fruity drinks and tropical flowers, it is great for casual morning outfits.


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More than one shade of green is in fashion this summer. After months of cold, the mint green is a refreshing color for this warm season. It can be paired with hot colors or classic pastels. Also, neon and lime greens were big on the spring/summer 2019 runways. When worn with other colors, green makes every other shade pop. Wear your greens this summer with black, rainbow, or pink for a statement look! Pepper Stem green is also a trend, in addition to Terrarium Moss, another deeper and darker shade, symbolizing nature.


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Among different shades of pink in style, let’s begin with the blush rose, powdery ballet pink color that’s very versatile and great to pair with all the other colors on this list. It’s also perfect for jaw-dropping evening dresses and elegant formal items.

Light as air, gentle, and princessy, Pressed Rose and Sweet Lilac are shades of pink that encompass shameless femininity and are so iconic this season.

More towards purple, Lavender is yet another pastel that made an appearance in the spring/summer 2019 color trends. It is a cool shade that works well with softer yellows or dark, deep neutrals.

On a more daring side, Pink Peacock is an intense pink magenta that strikes hard this summer. It is a shade so noticeable that you can wear it alone, mix it with neutrals for a work-appropriate option, or with warm shades like Turmeric or Aspen Gold for an eye-turning outfit.


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Two red shades made a dauntless appearance in this season’s runways. The first is the dynamic bright red-orange Fiesta, embodying passion, fire, and fun. Whether in evening wear, casual wear, or even lingerie, it’s a color that never goes out of style and will never make you leave unremembered. The other is the deeper and more intense Jester Red, just a few hues shy of a burgundy. It stands for elegance and sophistication and looks best when worn on its own.


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Soothing Clearwater Blue is extremely prominent in the pastels of this season, besides the luxurious and fresh Princess Blue that goes well complemented with Turmeric and Mango Mojito shades.

For a darker blue, we have the Eclipse which shadows the intensity of the night sky. A mysterious color that feels more wintery, yet can be great with a light lavender for summer 2019.


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A standout from all the season’s color trends is this metallic miracle-maker. Silver is a color that is lavish, fierce, classic, and cutting edge. You can do silver bottoms, dresses, a radiant blouse, or even a shiny pair of shoes, but you can never go wrong with silver this summer.


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Despite sounding like a winter color, brown is an unavoidable choice for spring/summer 2019. The brown Toffee shade is warm and sweet. Wear it with warmer reds and yellows for a gleaming look or with black and white for a subtle color game.

For a more typical brown shade, we have the faded, earthly Brown Granite which gives you the opportunity to dress incredibly versatile, creating timeless outfits for the city.

What cheery colors to welcome the hot weather! Try combining different tones for an unforgettable fashionable look this Summer!