7 Remarkable Ads That Took The Scene By Storm This Ramadan

With the blissful rise of the inventive Kunafa mixes and Nutella-based treats, the glee of Ramadan just got better as we became accustomed to anticipating its mouth-watering desserts that unveil with the commencement of the holy days. However, given their ascending qualities, the annual bundle of Ramadan commercials have also become as eminent as the edibles in the process of crafting out the loving moods of the blessed month and embellishing the whole Ramadan experience.

In the wake of the lengthy televised breaks, all marketeers and creators were given much room to showcase their marketing ideas through the myriad of ads that infused all TV channels this Ramadan. Thus, we picked out 7 commercials that were vital in shaping the entertainment experience with their remarkable structure that definitely had them stand out.

1- Quit smoking, live better

It might be the most succinct commercial this Ramadan, but its impact is certainly immense. Through a brief 30-second ad, our very own Egyptian king ascends from blackness, manifesting that we all, including smokers, possess resentful views towards smoking. Such feelings have intensified the moment we laid eyed on Salah’s clone lighting up a cigarette, thinking it was Mo who was marring himself. The mix-up induced by the commercial delivered sheer encouragement for the masses to put their healthiness ahead and value their own selves the way they value Mo Salah by quitting smoking, which was absolutely brilliant.

2- Bank Misr

For its positivity and motivational notions, Bank Misr’s commercial strikes once again this Ramadan, hitting the spot for the third year in a row. Led by the delicate vocals of Mahmoud El-Esseily, Medhat Saleh and Mostafa Hagag, this year’s campaign is centered on portraying the benevolent deeds of Egyptians and the feats that our nation is capable of attaining, which is a reminiscent of last year’s campaign. Also, this year’s ad was visually adorned by flamboyant imageries and nifty graphics that followed the steps of Bank Misr’s precedent commercial, whose essence as well as its visual and audible aspects were commended by the audience as well.

3- 500 500 Hospital

Amongst all the melodic ads that were featured this Ramadan, 500 500 Hospital’s commercial surely takes the cake! With a star-studded assembly that encompasses musicians, actors and footballers, the campaign has adapted a distinguished approach that walked the viewers through the actual development process of the hospital by entwining the construction sounds with the song’s rhythm, and having the hospital’s work-in-progress premise host the ad’s musical performance. As it exhibits the hospital’s site that is set to cure thousands of sufferers in the near future, the campaign has elicited empathy and compassion through its feel-good vibes, tugging on our heartstrings, which would boost the support given to this health institution.

4- 7UP

Unfortunately, Ramdan is often known for its ample eats, abundant calories and chunky bellies. Such dilemma was amusingly tackled in 7UP latest ad, starring Ahmed Fahmy, who pointed the struggle of settling upon a meal to ingest and digest during the holy month. With 3 different characters that represent our different cravings throughout Ramadan, Fahmy was accompanied by the vocals of Abdelbaset Hamouda, Zap Tharwat, and Mostafa Amar, whose renditions have conveyed the characteristics of each meal. The main asset of the commercial was the pleasant congruence between the nature of the edibles, Fahmy’s impersonations and the choice of music that accompanied him during each segment, which amplified the impact of the campaign and had it resonate with the audience.

5- Vodafone

This year, we got to enjoy the delightful presence of Amr Diab on a daily basis, given that he was the star figure in in 2019’s Vodafone campaign. The commercial delved into the chronicles of the acclaimed Egyptian musician from his juvenile days to his current renowned self, featuring the most remarkable individuals that he has encountered on his quest for attaining fame. The unparalleled popularity of El-Hadaba was the campaign’s most vital pillar as it availed from the audience’s eagerness to keep up with their beloved figure, utilizing it to introduce the campaign’s slogan Gamma3 7abaybak. Also, Diab’s tunes weren’t any less eminent for his ethereal performance that emphasized the quintessence of reconciling with the beloveds and reviving the bygones, which had us all zero in on this campaign throughout Ramadan.

6- National Bank of Egypt

It’s probably the funniest commercial we’ve seen this Ramadan, and it’s the fertile source of all the memes you’ve chuckled at during the past couple of weeks. Introducing the new cutting-edge banking system, the ad depicts the bewilderment of three old-school thieves as they come across the first electronic bank in Egypt that, to their surprise, doesn’t comprise any vaults, cash or even employees. As the thieving characters interact with the security guy, their conversation articulates the nature of the system and the services it provides for the viewer to grasp and comprehend. The campaign is informative, concise and lighthearted in a way that makes use of the lovable chemistry between the featured actors.

7- El-Nas Hospital

If we’re about to pick out the cutest figure we’ve eyed this Ramadan, it will surely be the amiable adolescent fom El-Nas Hospital’s commercial. Going along the name of the institution, the campaign sheds light on the prominence of societal solidarity, and how dull our life would be if it wasn’t for the good deeds of our community. Such motto was visually conveyed by portraying a youngster, lonely wandering in a desolated Cairo, fearing the unknown with the absence of his own people. Things, however, take a 180-degree turn the moment people start resurfacing as they breathe life into the soul of the young kid, accompanied by the exquisite vocals of Jannat. For its soulful gist, and the ad’s perfect coherence with the slogan of the hospital, the campaign of El-Nas hospital has to go down as one of the most remarkable marketing projects this Ramadan.