Our Favorite Social Media Celebrities are Going Bigger Than Ever This Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is just about to end, and here’s what we have to say about the majority of TV shows and ads this year; disappointing.

Almost everything this season was below average. However, within this poor competition, the real perfectionists  managed to stand out from the crowd! And we’re only here to highlight positives..

Being in the era of the internet and social media, we’ve seen some stars emerge from their rooms through a phone camera. Those with nothing but pure talents and brilliant minds. Personally, I feel very excited -maybe even proud- when I see these guys succeed and make it big! So, we’re here to appreciate and even applaud the great guys who started from the internet and reached out for the stars.

  • Bakri Khaled


For years, Bakri has been working as a writer. He worked on the great ‘As3ad Allah Masa2akom’ as a writer, actor and even performer. The Syrian star has been working on different projects recently, including a new show on the Glocal.

Last Ramadan, Bakri was the mastermind behind the great Netflix campaign ‘Alf Hala’a w Hala’a’ that got great feedback. This year, Bakri comes with not only one, but TWO TV series. Kabakibi is acting in Kalabsh 3, and damn, his FIRST scene did go viral already. The second series is more on the lighter side, Ana Sherry dot com is something you can binge watch to cool down after all the stress Basha Masr causes every single year.

  • Amr Wahba


The poor friend-zoned Yehia, and Lahoofa’s social media specialist. Amr Wahba has also used social media to show the world his talent, and that landed him a role in Kalabsh 2 last year. This year, Amr Wahba is starring alongside Donia Samir Ghanem in ‘Badal el Hadoota 3.’

Amr did a great job in the first story with his role as Roman, but the role of Yahyoohi ‘mas2ool el social’ is a whole new story! The award of this year’s funniest, most loving and supportive character goes to you Yahyoohi.

  • Hesham Afifi


Hesham Afifi who is quite known for ‘El tahleel el strategy’ directed one of the greatest ads of the year!

Afifi worked on his first projects as a director with Carriage, a brand strong enough to trust the brilliant -and maybe even complex, we do struggle to understand what you write and say sometimes- mind that Hesham Afifi owns. But you know what they say; the greater the risk, the greater the reward. And well, the reward was sure as hell rewarding!! Carriage is definitely one of the few good ads of the year.

If anything, seeing someone that is just like you fight for success, seeing them actually make it for nothing but pure talent and hardwork, that is more inspiring than anything in the world!