One Man Show: How This Growing Trend in Ramadan Series is Affecting The Quality of Produced Shows

Ramadan in Egypt has always been this special and spiritual month where all people try to go to the mosque, pray more, drop a bad habit, check up on loved ones and gather around various television series (from family and comedy to action and drama).

This year it has become noticeable that most of the t.v. series are centered on one character and lack the spirit of combined stories of a group of stars. They are even named by the main characters name. To name a few- Qamar Hady, where Hany Salama is Hady; ElBerenseesa Beesa where Mai Ezz El Din is Beesa, Hadoota Morra where Ghada AbdelRazek is Morra; Hogan where Mohamed Imam is Hogan. Even most of the billboards have one star per series as a promotion.


Do we really need stories that are one person centered and all other characters circle around this character? Is this because of the lack of sufficient rich stories or to prevent conflicts between the stars or due to the star’s own request? The most successful series in the world are not dependent on one character, but are based on the intertwining stories of a group of people and how each one shows his unique personality and adventures. Some of the international series that have entered our hearts and still are include Friends and Game of Thrones; other famous Arabic series are Abnaay El Aezaa Shokran and ElShahd w ElDomoo.

My point is creating a one man show doesn’t add vaIue to the project, it just satiates the main star’s ego. Some stories require to be told about one person but when most of the stories are in this category, we start to see pitfalls and problems.

One of the problems that raised my attention was the limitation of the story to have different lines of the plot, which is needed to make the story more life-like and entertaining. Another problem is the repetition of ideas and scenes to create more drama and focus on the main character.

In the end, some stories require to be centered on one character and that’s okay but the problem occurs when every actor wants to be the only star of the show and outline others. People in the industry need to work more as a team and encourage television show and movie writers to write more stories that portray life as it is which includes many twists of different people’s lives instead of focusing on a main role and trying to glamorize it.