CNN Drops a Teaser Promoting Egypt Following the Partnership With Egypt’s Ministery of Tourism

Picture via CNN

Three days after Egypt’s ministery of tourism had signed a deal with US news company, CNN has published an ad promoting tourism in Egypt.

Following their tagline ‘Egypt’s Story is Contemporary’, the campaign aims to highlight another aspect of Egypt; going for the success stories happening in the countries nowadays.

Taking place in Luxor Aswan, Cairo, Saint Catherine, White Desert, and Sharm el Sheikh, the two minute video featured some of Egypt’s iconic figures including Azza Fahmy, Omar Samra, Amna ElShandaweely, and Mohamed Salah.

It’s worth mentioning that Egypt’s tourism has been facing multiple hinders over the years, and it has bounced back just recently. Back in July 2018, Egypt witnessed a huge boost in the number of tourists visiting the Red Sea. The number of visitors reached 505,710 which is more than 130,000 more than that of June. The hotel occupancy of the Red Sea also reached a new high of 74%.

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