3 TV Shows You don’t Want to Miss this Ramdan.

Only after 4 days of Ramdan, we can all admit that this year is very different especially when it to comes to the TV shows race. First of all, is that we can no longer watch our favorite shows on Youtube. Second, this year’s drama race misses some of its top players as Adel Emam, Nelly Karim and Youssef El-Sherif. Despite all of that, there are still some good TV shows that manged to capture our attention from the first episode.

1-Zay El-Shams


Directed by Sameh Abd EL-Aziz and Starring Dina El-Sherbini besides a number of stars including Sawsan Badr, Ahmed Dawod, Reham Abde EL-Ghafor, Ahmed El-Sha3dny and Ahmed Malek. The series revolves around Nour’s sister who gets murdered then Nour starts searching for her sister’s murderer in mysterious events. This might actually be Dina El-Sherbini’s year as her acting has really evolved especially in the 3rd episode that got lots of positive feedback.



Starring 3 of the biggest stars that you can actually watch the show just for them and they are Mohamed Mamdoh, Amina Khalil and Mohamed Farag. Directed by Kareem El-Shenawy in his first time working on TV but he’s best known for his movie “3yar Nary” also, with Moahmed Mamdoh. It’s a thriller show that tells the story of a police man who works on a mysterious kidnapping and murder case that relates to social media.

3-Badl El-7adota Tlata


In case of you want something Light and Comedy to watch during the holy month, I think Donia Samir Ghanem is the best to look forward to. And this time it’s not just one story, it’s 3 stories. In each story, Donia gets to be a different character alongside Mohamed Salam, Baiomy Fo2ad and Shimaa Seif.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section, if you’ve watched any of these shows. And if you have any favorites, don’t hesitate to tell us.