8 Reasons Why Ramadan in Egypt is The Best

With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, we can’t help but get excited. Preparations are already in order, people are getting all hyped up, and the spiritual, joyous atmosphere has started to float everywhere.

Egypt has always had a different flavor during the holy month. Here’s why:

1- Famous Ramadan Decorations

زينة رمضان

In the streets, inside shops and malls, in the entrance of every building, and even inside every home. If it weren’t for these decorations spreading out and the fawanees hanging in every corner of the country, you wouldn’t feel the holy spirit the same.

2- The People


Ever got stuck in traffic when it was time for Iftar? If you have, then you would know how you can never miss breaking your fast on the streets of Egypt. Egyptians tend to be helpful this time of year, with their dates, juice, and water right to your rescue.

3- The Television

Image result for ‫فنانيس‬‎

Who doesn’t wait for Mosalsalat Ramadan every year? Even if we hate the long ad breaks, we still long to following a number of series. Even those ads, we still love them, wait for them, and have them all memorized by the end of the month.

4- El Madfa3


Ever since the Hijri year 859, the blasting Ramadan cannon signaling time for Iftar has been one of the most unique rituals. Did you know it originated from Egypt?

5- The Food

Egyptians are already known for their good food. In Ramadan, the cooking efforts are doubled up. You could smell the delicious food whiffs filling up the streets. Moreover, every year patisseries come up with different and unique desserts to complete the perfect Iftar and even Sohour experience.

6- Ramadan Nights

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Regardless of the associated hashtag, Ramadan nights are actually essential in capturing the month’s vibes. The events, Ramadan tents, staying up late in coffee shops, and even hanging out with friends and family at home till dawn all have a special feel.

7– El Mesaharaty

Image result for ‫مسحراتي مصر‬‎

May he never get old, may he never stop coming, and may we never stop waiting for him. Don’t deny it, having the mesaharaty call your name when you were little was just the ultimate Ramadan goal.

8– Mawa2ed El Rahman

بعد دعاوى إلغائها.. مرتادو "موائد الرحمن": "ده رزق ربنا"

They are probably present in every Muslim community around the world. However, like everything else, in Egypt they have a special ambience. Furthermore, it’s a huge confirmation of the Egyptians famously alleged generosity.

Whether in Egypt or not, who doesn’t love Ramadan and the divine aura that accompanies it?