Planet Earth Is Headed Towards a Doomed Future, But There Are Things You Can Do To Protect It

Environmental pollution is one of the main issues we’ve been facing recently. The past years witnessed many activists and groups aiming to raise awareness and push people to act in a more responsible way, and the rate of response was way below expectations. However, we’ve come to a point where we can either save the planet or die; it’s a matter of survival nowadays. Back in 2012, 43,000 Egyptians have been reported dead due to air pollution causes.

In August, 2018, Cairo was ranked as one of the most polluted cities on a report by The Eco Experts published on Forbes. The city was evaluated based on three different types of pollution: air, noise and light. Furthermore, the Egyptian Capital came in the 119th place out of 180 countries in terms of water and sanitation. The report stated that “inadequate access to clean water and sanitation sources hinders sustainable development efforts worldwide.”

With all of that being said, we believe it’s about time you start doing something to save this planet from the doomed future we’re heading to. We gathered a list that varies from daily acts to volunteering activities of things that you can do to help the planet.

  1. Water consumption

Last March, BBC posted a list of 11 countries that are most likely to run out of water in the near future. And well, it wasn’t shocking to find Cairo coming fourth on the list. Thinking about it now, the amount of water each of us wastes on daily basis is insane. Minor acts like letting the water run while you brush our teeth or defrosting food using running water to save time,  multiply that by the millions of this population that do the same on daily basis and you’ll get why we’re ranked high on the list. In order to help with the current water crisis, here are 10 things that you need to stop doing on daily basis in order to save water.

2. Fewer cars

Studies reveal that in the past few years, Americans started driving less and relied on alternatives like walking, biking, and public transportation. Following them on this, we won’t only be saving money -come on, if fuel prices go any higher we can start asking for loans to pump up a car for a road trip-, we’ll also be emitting less dangerous greenhouse gases (which are a major reason behind climate change) into the environment. Sources estimate that if you swap a 20-mile round-trip commute by car to a train or any public transportation method, you can reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 4,800 pounds. If you choose cycling, you can reduce more than 90 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and save thousands of pounds a year.

3. Plastic Consumption


Plastic is one of the most dangerous substances when it comes to the environment. Plastics which are mainly made from non-renewable petroleum and natural gas resources threaten the environment, human health, and both the marine and the wildlife. In order to fix this, make sure to use reusable bags and bottles. Also, learn more about the right method to get rid of your plastics and recycling them.

4. Join/Support initiatives

On the bright side, the youth of Egypt decided to take a stand and actually do something to save this planet. Below are some of the best organizations that actually do make a difference:

Picture via @verynile
Picture via @verynile

Verynile organizes events where a huge number of volunteers gather and work together to clean the Nile water. They also aim to organize partnerships with fishermen and green initiatives to be able to clean the Nile all the way from Aswan to Cairo. Throughout their events, Verynile managed to remove 21,500 kilograms of trash (mainly plastic).

Via @Greenish.
Via @Greenish.

Founded in March 2017, Greenish is an organization that aims to find sustainable environmental solutions with a focus on environmental education, public health and awareness on plastic waste and climate change. Greenish also works on waste management as they try to upcycle waste into usable items in order to reduce its effect on the environment. The initiative has also been touring Egypt to give and facilitate workshops as well as partnering with multiple schools in order to increase environmental awareness amongst children.


Hurghada Environmental Protection & Conservation Association (HEPCA) is an organization that aims to protect the natural resources of the Red Sea. The team of international team of scientists and industry experts works on projects and awareness campaigns that specializes in protecting the marine life in Egypt’s Red Sea. In a recent great move by HEPCA, Egypt’s Red Sea governor, General Ahmed Abdullah, has issued a decree in response to their submitted proposal concerning the ban of single-use or disposable plastics starting this June.


There are endless ways to save this planet. Purchasing from brands that environmentally responsible like UpFuse is one, changing your eating habits or even planting something in your balcony. Every tiny act makes a huge difference.