A Ukrainian Comedian to Become the New President

via: ABC News

On the journey to choose their next president, Ukrainians are going to be giving out their votes today to choose the person who is going to rule the country for the coming five years. People are going to be deciding whether the new president should be businessman and current president, Petro Poroshenko, or if it should be the comedian, (yes, you read that right) Vladimir Zelenskiy.

Zelenskiy is a Ukrainian comedian, actor, director and screenwriter who has only recently started becoming an active politician. On December 31stZelenskiy announced that he was applying for presidency and he, surprisingly, lead the first round of the elections getting over 30% of the votes, which is almost double of what President Poroshenko – who came at second place – got. That makes him the number one candidate and the most probable new president.

Petro Poroshenko & Vladimir Zelenskiy
via: Reuters

After Zelenskiy announced his candidacy a lawsuit was filed against him requesting him to be banned from the elections. The lawsuit was rejected by a court in the capital, Kiev, and Zelenskiy completes his journey towards becoming the next Ukrainian president.

Zelenskiy has previously played the role of the president of Ukraine in the popular tv show Servant of the People and the title of the show was later on used as a name for his political party.

Despite his huge popularity, Zelenskiy has not presented any solid ideas for his campaign and he has not shown any potential to be able to rule a country, especially if that country is in a state of war. This has raised a lot of controversy on whether the people of Ukraine are making a rational decision by electing a comedian. According to the BBC however, all surveys are in favour of Zelenskiy showing that people of Ukraine no longer want any more politicians as they are viewed to be highly corrupted.

Elections start at 8:00 am in the local time and close 12 hours after and the results are supposed to come out shortly after, although it is almost clear who the winner is going to be. The real question is how will this affect the future of Ukraine and the future of politics globally.