Reasons Why You Should Be Following Sazan Hendrix On Social Media

Every day we discover new blogs and public figures to follow, from fashion and beauty to lifestyle. One blog that rose among others and gained many followers is that of the beauty Sazan Hendrix.
Sazan is a beauty and lifestyle blogger as well as a dedicated mother, she started her blogging journey while studying broadcast at the University of North Texas, started her career, met the love of her life, and started a beautiful family. So here are the reasons why you should be following Sazan Hendrix on Social Media.

• Balancing Motherhood and Work Life
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Alongside succeeding career wise and making a name for herself in the fashion/beauty world. Sazan was also able to set other priorities in her life, she married her sweetheart Stevie Hendrix in 2015, and later in 2017, they welcomed their beautiful baby girl Valentina (who is just the cutest girl in the world). Through her blog Sazan shows how she juggles both her personal and professional life, we get a daily glimpse of her private life, showing us girls and women that it’s possible to succeed professionally and at the same time be a wife and a mother.

• Interacting with her followers
One of the main aspects of Sazan‘s blog is her fans, and Sazan is simply humble when interacting with them. She obviously can’t answer all of the messages and comments she receives for the fact she has over a million followers but Sazan does her best to answer most of her fans, whether its beauty, lifestyle questions or simply nice comments on her breathtaking photos.

• Healthy Life-Style
When it comes to body image Sazan was not shy sharing with the world how her body changed during pregnancy, showing how normal it is for it to change when you’re carrying a baby inside of you. She also showed women that it is possible to go back to your original body through a healthy diet and a healthy workout program, sharing with the world the results.

• Beauty and Fashion Tips
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And of course, the final reason is her amazing tips regarding fashion, beauty, and makeup. You can follow her posts on Instagram or subscribe to her youtube channel where she makes videos of how she does her makeup and hairstyles. You can say that Sazan portrays the simple and natural look when it comes to makeup and fashion, it’s simply exquisite.

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