Egyptian Champion Farida Osman Smashes New Record!


Last Friday Night, Farida Osman broke the Pro Swim Series Record in Richmond, Virginia. The Olympic Swimmer put up a 25.65 record in the 50 meter butterfly, which marked her third-fastest time ever. Farida surpassed the American Kelsi Dahlia’s 2018 record of 25.74. According to Swimming World Magazine, Farida and Kelsi are the only two swimmers to finish under 26 seconds in the finals.

As of now, Farida is in second place worldwide behind the Swedish Sarah Sjostorm, whose current record is 25.34. You can find the full results of Friday’s Pro Swim Series here.

The Egyptian Embassy in the United States posted a congratulations for Farida’s achievement on Twitter. Farida also shared a number of announcements and congratulations from both Egyptian and American Sports Network on her Twitter account.

This is definitely not Farida’s first time making history. At the age of 17, she was the only Egyptian Female swimmer to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics. In 2016, Farida broke the record in the PAC-12 Swimming Championship for the 50 yard free-style with 21.32 seconds, making her the second-fastest swimmer in the history of that race. 2017 saw Farida Osman winning Egypt’s very first medal in the FINA World Championships. In 2018, she broke the record for the Mediterranean Games 100m butterfly and won a Gold Medal in Spain.

We wish Farida success after success in her career as she continues to smash records and become an icon and inspiration for all Egyptian athletes. We’ll be the first one cheering her on as she makes it to the very top of the world records.