Enactus welcomes Sharmoofers on stage for Mental health awareness event

Enactus; A non profit organization inside AAST campus has launched a campaign on the 28th of February raising awareness to mental health illness, inviting Psychologists for talks and the band Sharmoofers for a performance

The student based club usually targets entrepreneurs and aid seniors in developing their startup project, however this time they took a different path of raising awareness of mental health issues and trying to eradicate the stereotypes around mental health diseases.

The campaign aimed to point out the main social problems of this time, and to find out the best solutions for such obstacles, the Sheraton campus welcomed two of the best psychologists Dr. Amr Yusri and Dr. Sherif Hosni, who focused on discussing the psychological illness scientifically, and Professor Mohammed Naji and Professor Alaa Attar, who discussed their experiences with mental illness.

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The campaign was sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Center at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Nileco Games Company, Blue Media Production Company, Hayut Industries and Jewelery and Quasi Systems Engineering.

Enactus involves over 70,000 students from 36 countries around the globe, working on 5,000 projects annually, helping to achieve the 17 UN coordinated goals. The organization is a platform of support for university students, especially in pioneering work with business leaders and academics to develop existing projects that enable individuals to transform opportunities and businesses into real and sustainable progress for themselves and their communities.