Exams Season is Right Around the Corner and Here’s How You Can Deal With It

Since exams are just around the corner for most of us whether it’s college finals or school finals, I thought why not talk about some of the stuff we should concentrate on in the next few days-mostly our health.


First things first, let’s agree on the fact that sitting for long hours on the desk and pulling an all nighter is going to become quite the habit in the next few days, so keeping that in mind you should stay hydrated at all times with a water bottle present in front of you where you can see it so that you maintain balance between caffeine- that is consumed perhaps three times a day during this stressful time- and water. Also, don’t forget snacks! I’m perhaps one of the most forgetful people on earth when I really get into studying and I’m pretty sure a lot of others are like that too; do yourself a favor by making sure you have biscuits or any kind of food to munch on when you can’t get yourself off the desk to consume the right amount of food your body needs.


Another thing worth mentioning is you don’t have to cut off all ties with your friends during the few days before exams- I know this is usually what we opt for but in all seriousness, it just seems to increase the stress of it all coupled with a severe case of procrastination. My point is, don’t push away the chance of hanging out a bit with your friends and texting them a few times a day, we can only take so much stress as students. However, make sure you balance the time- you simply can’t spend all day chatting away with friends and binge-watching shows on Netflix and completely forget about all the work you have to do -I’d know I do that a lot- and having suffered the consequences of this multiple times; I found a few ways with which you can avoid procrastination. First of all, make sure you make a daily schedule to study with specific hours and specific topics of subjects which you should study- always start with the topics you hate the most, it’ll be a weight lifted off your shoulders- and take your educational system into consideration if you’re a high-schooler by making sure you make time for solving exams rather than just memorizing every single word in the book from one cover to the other. If you’re a person who gets easily bored from studying or solving math questions like me, music tends to help with that- I’d recommend blues or jazz music when studying and upbeat songs when solving math as it’s personally the subject that irritates me the most, so a breather is needed between hard questions.


In conclusion, just don’t forget to maintain positivity throughout this exams’ season and do the best you can, good luck next month!