Sudan Updates: Protesters in Sudan Manage to Overthrow Omar Al-Bashir


Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir has been removed from power after months of protest against him and his regime.

Merely an hour ago, Military officers surrounded and entered state television and radio headquarters, merged and took control over all media channels to issue a statement.

The statement, which came after having Sudan’s presidential palace surrounded by armed forces, declared that President Al-Bashir is reportedly ‘stepping down’ after 30 years in power.

It also stated that “the Military, as an institution, will take control of the country.

At the moment, a number of current and former senior Sudanese officials, including acting head of the National Congress Party Ahmed Haroun as well as Al-Bashir’s personal guards, are being arrested.

The miliitary have also announced the formation of temporary transitional council headed by Colonal General Awad Ebnouf.

Al Arabiya sources also stated that counter-coup attempt in Sudan failed.

In addition, Sudan’s main airport in Khartoum has shutdown for the time being, while Sudanese military have also spread out across the main roads and bridges in Khartoum.

The Sudanese had been marching and protesting against Bashir for almost five days since April 6th in order to end his three decades in power.