Spring blossoms in with its best live concerts in Cairo, and we brought them to you!

April didn’t unravel itself and blossom in spring flowers only, it came along holding the best of its melodies too! This month, the capital is pampering all of us music junkies with a list of concerts that leaves us both, excited yet torn about which ones to go to!

After last weekend’s 3 consecutive Redbull Soundclash concerts, we thought that this city has given us all its share of good concerts to live with for a while. However, lucky for everyone who didn’t attend any of them –or did but haven’t had enough partying-, we’ve found a list of other more concerts coming up this month and we’ve decided to share them all with you.

1-Glass Onion (The Beatles Tribute) at Cairo Opera House- April 18a4a8217d-5e37-4d30-9640-35b6f64c620c

Can you think of anything better than the melodies of The Beatles to take us down a memory lane full of nostalgia and warmth? Because we definitely can and the answer is, listening to the Beatles at the Cairo Opera House and enjoying the music, the magical view and the cool spring breeze, all at once.

2-LucidFest (Amr Diab – James Arthur – Mahmut Orhan) at AUC New Cairo-April 19582789f7-f81a-4f6e-b888-5a0902e592c8

JAMES ARTHUR is in Egypt! Not just that, but also having a concert with our greatest Hadaba and the iconic Mahmut Orhan. We have so many expectations to what that mix might come up with already.

3- French Montana at Dandy Mega Mall- April 12207935a4-173e-4d0f-8ac7-2edbb6d6d642

This one goes out to all the hip hop fans out there. The great French Montana is about to give the city an UNFORGETTABLE -quoting his song- night on the 12th of April, as he rocks the stage with his iconic hits.

4- Jazz Concert: Sig & Erik Truffaz ft. Artis Orubs at AUC Tahrir-April 19497588f4-9e7f-4929-a5ff-93729980a05e

We don’t so often get the chance to enjoy a night full of Jazz music with the chill and joy that it comes along with. To all the Jazz fans out there who keep hunting for similar concerts, this one is for you!

5-Imperium (Mounir with Sharmoofers) at AUC Campus- April 1276111f9d-16de-4c28-a87b-e3e1d734a58b

Our great King is finally having a concert, and not just alone but also along with Sharmoofers, giving us the perfect duo that any friends’ group might want to go to a concert for. We expect it to gather the best of both worlds in one night, where you can enjoy Mounir’s old classics then dance your heart out to Sharmoofers.

6- MxS: UK Rock Night (Paranoid Eyes – The Bends Egypt) at Darb 1718- April 193b64a9fb-6d03-44c2-a6d2-cedf951418d2

This one goes to all the rock fans –myself included- who want to just chill in an open roof concert and enjoy listening to Pink Floyd and Radiohead’s finest hits by 2 of their greatest tribute bands. “Shine on you crazy diamond” and make sure you go before you have to “Wish you were here”.

7- Omar Khairat’s concert at Smart Village Open Air Theatre- April 20648dc614-b850-474d-b478-363af7eaa823

Omar Khairat is going to give his fans yet another fascinating performance at the open air theatre of Smart Village, where they can have a memorable night of great classic music to enjoy along with the good spring weather.

Whether you like classic, pop, rock, hip hop or jazz, this month has got your back covered in a good supply of great live performances. All you’ve got to do is pick which one suits your mood, then fight all the temptations to go to each and every one of them…or don’t really. Music is great. Go to every concert you can enjoy!