GOT Stars Demand Spoilers on Kit Harington’s SNL Monologue

The last GOT season has left everyone asking about the fates of Jon Snow and his lover Daenerys Targeryan, and lots of other spoilers we are all dying to know.

During his SNL Monologue; Kit Harington was asked by random people from the audience about Game of Thrones spoilers for the eighth season.

Things escalated as his GOT co-stars crashed his monologue to demand spoilers too.

Emilia Clarke who plays Kit’s on screen lover, Daenerys; joked about needing reminders even though she’s on the show, as it was long time ago since the last season.

John Bradley who plays Samwell Tarly joked about not knowing anything that happens in the show except for his own lines, if the joke happens to be accurate, Samwell will be leaving the living and eaten by a dragon.

The Night King who’s portrayed by Pete Davidson showed up in an appealing makeup not asking for spoilers, but questioning if people hate him, at which Kit sadly answered that yes they do.

The final question was from Kit’s wife and former co-star Rose Leslie, who also did not come to ask for spoilers, but was curious about what are they going to do after the show ending and not saving up after wasting their money on Uber Eats.