The Internet Reacts to The Slippery Ahly and Zamalek Game and Here Are the Funniest Posts We’ve Seen

A lot of things have changed over the years, however, the rivalry between Ahly and Zamalek never did The whole Arab world know how big is an Ahly and Zamalek game. People fight, even lose friends, and Amr Adib screams every time those two teams fight each other. Egyptians do take this seriously. However, the weather decided to turn it into a comedy show yesterday.

The game which ended with a zero tie was set to be held in Borg El-Arab stadium in Alexandria, and well, a storm hit the Mediterranean city, turnining it into a soap soccer game.

People took it to Twitter to make fun of the disappointing game, and here are our favorite Tweets!




Well, we sure know how to have a good laugh at any given situation.